Access to the 1:1 private partnering platform provided by HelloPartnering is available for all VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON delegates, and allows you to request and accept meetings for three full days.  On Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June, in-person and virtual meetings will be available, and a third day of virtual meetings only will be offered on Wednesday 23 June.  Meetings can cater for all combinations of guests e.g. virtual to virtual, virtual to in-person and in-person to in-person in one of the onsite booths.

We will also be offering extended virtual partnering meeting hours, to cater for international delegates.

How does it work?
Once registered for BioTrinity, each delegate will receive instructions of how to log in to their HelloPartnering account and set up their partnering profiles. 

Once partnering profiles have been completed, delegates will be able to search for other BioTrinity delegates and request / receive 1:1 partnering meetings.  To confirm, meetings can be requested between in-person & virtual delegates.

When will I know when my meeting is?
Scheduling of 1:1 meetings will open on Tuesday 11th May, and notifications including meeting joining instructions will be sent out to registered delegates in the days following this.

How will I access my scheduled meeting?
Each participant of each scheduled meeting will be sent BOTH a unique URL code for a video meeting room, and a booth number if either participant is on-site at the venue.  You will be able to see whether a delegate is virtual or in-person, so you will know in which format to conduct your meeting.  

How long will each meeting last?
Each 1:1 partnering meeting will last for a maximum of 20 minutes. 
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