How to Partner

Register on the partnering system

Delegates with a full partnering pass receive access to the state-of-the-art, one-to-one partnering system provided by partneringONE®.  All 'Accepted' meetings will be held in private booths and are large enough for you to invite several colleagues to join you in the discussion.

For successful partnering follow these simple steps.

  1. Log in here  to your PartneringOne account
  2. Complete Your Profile on the PartneringONE® system
    This is a summary about you, your company and your product or services.
  3. Indicate your availability for partnering meetings in your meeting calendar in PartneringONE®
    Meetings can only be scheduled when you are available!
  4. Request partnering meetings
    Search through registered delegate profiles and send meeting requests.
  5. Track Responses
    Log-in regularly to monitor responses to your requests and to respond to incoming requests. You need to accept (or politely decline) meeting requests made to you.

Here are a set of tutorials which take you step by step on how to get the most out of partnering.


The week before the conference we will start to schedule the meetings, based on participants’ availability.  We aim to ensure everyone has the maximum number of meetings during the conference.  Your preliminary schedule will be posted in your personal account on PartneringONE® and updated regularly, including during the conference.

Your Personal Agenda

Room allocations will be confirmed at the start of the conference and can be viewed on PartneringONE®.  When you arrive you can visit the Partnering Desk to receive a print-out of your most up to date personal agenda with locations listed.